Filming & Photography Services​ - Since 1998

Q. How much is wedding photography?

​A. Our prices vary due to the differences in packages and request. However, our prices range from $3500.00 to $7500.00 for our most popular packages. The National Average is $3500.00

Q. How much are your wedding films?

A. Traditionally Films (video) is more expensive than Photography. However, we have very reasonable rates for our filming services. There are many packages that are near our photography rates.

​Q. How long does it take to receive our products and photographs?

A. Wedding Photography can take up to 5 weeks for completion/delivery. Wedding Films and other photography products have different completion times and are reflected in the contract. Our average is 3 weeks.

Q. Can I schedule a date online (online booking)?

A. Yes you can! We have online booking forms on most of our website pages.

Q. Can I make a payment online?

A. Yes, simply go to the company tab on our website and click "Bookings & Online Payment". You can make a deposit or full payment via PayPal using an account or credit/debit card.

Q. Do I own my photographs (or other projects)?

A. Yes, you do. Once our contract is fulfilled by the client (full payment is received) all rights are transferred to the payee. Note: we have the right to use limited images/video on our website (and other entities) as form of advertising.

Q. Can you make a motion picture for me?

A. Yes, we can. We have made a film, and several web series as well. Visit our "Film & TV Production" page.

Q. Do you work on holidays?

A. Yes, we do. We have worked on Christmas/Thanksgivings/Labor Day, and would be available on any other holiday.

Q. What attire do you wear if hired for my event?

A. We have a uniform that fits with the traditions of photographers or a "crew".

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. Yes, A signed contract is required to do business with us. The contract is detailed so there are no discrepancies, and to ensure both parties are legally covered.

Q. Do you build websites?
A. No, sorry we don't build websites.

Q. Is Candy Cab Chicago Owned by SCM Films?

A. Yes, SCM Films owns Candy Cab Chicago. Thus, The Professional Photography offered with the Tours & Party Bus Services.

Q. How many Passengers can ride in Candy Cab Chicago?

A. Thirteen (13) Passengers can fit comfortably in Candy Cab Chicago.

Q. What Tours do you offer with Candy Cab Chicago?

A. We offer several. With Winery Tours, Foodie Tours, Shopping Tours & Nature Tours being the most popular.