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foodie tour

Experience a Professional Photo Shoot while enjoying a SURPRISE FOODIE TOUR of Cuisine from 4 different neighborhoods of Chicago (Surprise Bonus included)!
Includes: Transportation, Tour & Photo Shoot (
Photo Booklet Not Included)

Persons with food allergies are discouraged from booking this Tour!

Candy Cab Chicago/Karaoke Cab Chicago/SCM Films, LLC are not responsible for any food reactions from allergies or restaurant negligence.

​Starting @ $75 per person (8 person minimum)

​ - 872.221.0067

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Foodie Tours:

Tours start at Noon or 6:00pm Weekdays;

Noon or 5:00pm on Weekends

Cash App: $scmfilms


All Retainer Payments are Non-Refundable.
Furthermore, all monies paid in excess of retainer Payment to Candy Cab Chicago or SCM Films, LLC is Non-Refundable. However, a credit will be given for future services for payments above the Retainer Payment amount. The Retainer Payment amount will be Forfeited for any reason of Non-Compliance of Contract, or Contracted date passing without services being rendered due to Clients Non-Compliance.

All Credits Issued MUST be used within 6 months of Original Contracted Date or they will be Forfeited. 

By Booking our services & paying a Retainer, you are entering a contract with SCM Films, LLC. All business related actions are solely through, and will be responded to through SCM Films, LLC.

There is a $75 minimum clean up fee for any significant cleaning that must be done after end of service.

Be advised that no date is Reserved without a Retainer Payment and a Signed Contract. We Book our Tours and Service on a First Come, First Served Basis.